By Special Request, a “Keepsake Session”: Crofton Family Photographer

This session was so special to me because it was a sentimental dad requesting an extra special surprise for his wife and grown children.  This client had received a gift certificate for a family photo session with Emily Karcher Photography as an anniversary gift in late 2016.  Months later, he called to redeem his gift, but admitted the chances of each of his grown children being in the same place at the same time for a family session would be slim, so he asked if I’d indulge him in a special request.  (To be honest, my creative juices were longing for a new way to stretch my skillset, so being given an “assignment” was just what I needed).  He told me his three children each had a special stuffed animal from childhood, and (cue the Mission Impossible theme, here) he had covertly “borrowed” each one of them from his kids’ apartments in New York City and elsewhere, including Figment (from Disney World, of course!), Winnie the Pooh and Flopsy the Bunny.  “I’m going to let you surprise me,” this client told me.  And so Figment, Winnie, Flopsy and I — along with my own three young children — had quite the springtime adventure as we staged “A Day in the Life of Childhood,” for these three best friends — and these three grown children who will always keep part of home and childhood with them.  Enjoy.  

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