Editorial + Food Photography for “Level” and Up.St.ART Magazine, Annapolis Restaurant Photographer

The mid-summer sun began to set over downtown Annapolis as I staged a ton of dripping drinks and hot plates by a window at Level – A Small Plates Lounge overlooking West Street. Straddling tables and leaning on chairs with the owners even holding some of my lighting equipment at just the right angles (thanks again, guys), I was able to create these fun shots for the local arts magazine, Up.St.ART Annapolis.  Working with the people at Level made me want to shout it from the Annapolis rooftops for everyone I know to visit this restaurant and try out their always-changing seasonal, local menu.   From the greeters to the chefs and bartenders, the restaurant feels more like a family, and they made it look like it’s a genuine joy every day to go to work creating some pretty incredible food and drinks.   I can’t wait to go back and taste some of these for myself.  In the meantime, bon appetit!

A 1944 Mai Tai and Pan-Seared Scallops are front and center with tuna and specialty cocktail Angels & Demons in the background. The scallops are butter-basted and served with bacon hollandaise, lardons, caper berries and pea shoots.

Bartender Tomm Micciche has worked at Level for six years. He created this aromatic house cocktail, the refreshing and aptly named “Tomm-berry Smash,” which combines Cold River blueberry vodka from Maine, Veev Acai Berry Liquor and violet liqueur. It’s not on the menu, Micciche says, but he’ll gladly make it.

Pictured from left to right: Co-owner Andrew Fox, Co-Owner John Miller, and Executive Chef Josh Brown.

Shot glasses lined up at one of Level’s two full-service bars

Bartender Tomm Micciche flips a shaker while mixing a custom cocktail.

Asparagus Lyonnaise: Grilled green and white asparagus is tossed in bacon vinaigrette with bacon bits and frisee atop whole grain crème fraiche and topped with crumbled hard-boiled egg.

A staff chef tops a Roasted Mushroom Salad with diced olives and crispy quinoa.

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